St Thomas Religious Ed

Upcoming Events and Information: 

Masses have resumed!  Our church can seat 60 people per service and we have yet to meet that maximum.  Hope to see you there!

August 30th - Holy First Communion Mass - 2:00pm - St Thomas Church

November 8th - Confirmation - 2:00pm - St Mary's Church - Portage


Up Coming Class and Event Schedule:

August 16th and 23rd - First Communion makeup classes and Retreat - 2:00pm - 3:30pm - St Thomas

August 19th, 26th and Sept 2nd - Confirmation makeup classes - 6:30pm - 8:30pm - St Thomas

September 16th - First Day of Religious Education Classes - More information to come


If you have not registered your child for Religious Education Class, please use the form below


  Religious Education Registration form.docx


Don't forget to check the altar server schedule located below.  The schedule for each month is printed in the last bulletin of the prior month.  Remember if you can not serve on the day you are scheduled for, please find a server to replace you.  Each server's phone number is on the schedule.   

July 2020 Altar Server Schedule


Along with the Church community, parents have the greatest impact on forming your children's faith. Following is a link to the PreK-8 Curriculum that our diocese endorses for our instruction. In this Google document, families can locate the concepts, prayers and elements of our Catholic Faith  that are taught by our teaching volunteers at St. Thomas the Apostle Parish.  
Click on this link to open the PreK-8 Religious Education Curriculum



  •  Confirmation News:

    • Confirmation students are required to complete the following tasks and submit the following documents in order to be Confirmed:

      • Attend and fully participate in all sessions and activities

      •  Attend Mass on Sunday and Holy Days of Obligation

      • Write a letter to the Bishop with their intention to be Confirmed and why they want to be Confirmed

      • Research Saints, choose one for Confirmation name and write a report including information about the Saint, why they chose it and what that Saint means to them

      • 40 hours of Service: 15 church hours, 15 community volunteer houras and 10 family volunteer hours 

      • Attend Confirmation Retreat

      • Confirmation Readiness Interview

      • Baptismal Certificate

      • First Communion Certificate

      • Sponsor selected and Sponsor/Candidate Packet completed

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