Serving Others through Our Faith - St Thomas

Fundraising and Serving Others through Our Faith

We have a number of activities in place to help raise funds to support our Religious Education Programs, Youth Ministry Activities and people in need. Explore the information below to learn how you too can support activities for developing our Faith.



The “Jumping for Jesus” Event: Before the Jumping for Jesus event, students will gather pledges from donors.  All money collected will go to the Christian Foundation of Children and Aging to help children less fortunate. Pledge sheets will go home with students.  On the day of the Jumping for Jesus event, students will jump (with or without the jump rope) and count the total number of jumps that they make. Students will then return to their donors to collect the amount pledged to them before the event. For example--on September 18, student Sally, asks her Aunt Julie for a pledge for the event. Aunt Julie commits to giving 10 cents for every jump that Sally can make. On October 2, Sally jumps 50 times.  On October 3, Sally collects $5  from Aunt Julie and bring it to their teachers at church.


Penny Crusade: Middle School and High School students will also help raise funds to support our sponsored children through the Christian Foundation of Children and Aging. Middle and high school students will raise funds through the “Penny Crusade for Christ”, hosted by the 10th grade- Living Our Faith Class. Before the 7:00pm start of class, students will be tossing coins into buckets set up in the church hall. Each student be asked to bring in loose change and dollars for a friendly competition between classes to raise funds. Pennies will count as a positive number, silver coins will count as a negative number and dollars will count as a double positive number. Classes compete to raise the most funds for their grade level.


Food Pantry Donations are collected at youth masses. In addition, annually, our high school students gather food pantry donations from area residents as part of their 10th grade curricula.