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Middle and High School Faith Formation Program

This page highlights curricula, teachers, important prayers and other relevant information for our middle and high school program. This program includes student in sixth grade through high school, including students in Confirmation studies. Students meet from 7:00-8:15p.m. on regular scheduled days. Please see our current calendar for the most up-to-date schedules.


Course /Church Attendance

A key part of faith formation is attendance. Our instructional time with students is very limited therefore it's imperative that Parents and Guardians play a significant role in developing our student's religious education. This formation can be fostered by parents when they review religion class activities with their children. In addition, adult participation in Holy Days of Obligation, Reconciliation, youth service activities, fund-raising events and weekly Masses help to model for our children and other students our faith in action.

Our Curriculum

It is important that along with participating in our faith community through Mass and attending Religious Education classes, that parents also work with their children at home to reinforce the concepts taught at Mass in classes. The following document houses all of the curricula for our PreK-8 curriculum. The curriculum includes the major focus points and prayers taught at each of the aforementioned grade levels. Take some time to learn the curricula and reinforce these elements of our faith at home with your children.

Click on this link to open the PreK-8 Curriculum.

To support the concepts addressed in the curricula, we employ a series of religious education books authorized by the Diocese of Madison. To help our middle and high school students prepare for living in our world and to prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation, we use the Theology of the Body and and Chosen series of textbooks. Click on the following link to open the document that outlines the Theology of the Body and Chosen Areas of Study by Grade Level.

5th Grade Class

Instructor:  Holllie Doherty

6th Grade Class

Instructor: Sarah Prafford

7th Grade Class

Instructor:  Dennis Hladilek

I am excited and honored for this opportunity to work with our youth. I am interested in helping our youth find a new relationship with God and our Church. Anyone with volunteer suggestions can email me at [email protected].

Pre-Confirmation Class

Instructor: Luke Walz

Confirmation Class 

Confirmation is a two year program--the sacrament of Confirmation will be in the fall of their Sophomore year.

Instructor: Geri Nehls

Confirmation Requirements.doc

Confirmation Pledge of Commitment.doc